Q: Why the device always go back to the VW mode from TC mode automatically?
A: Please make sure that your resistance is lower than 1.0ohm, otherwise the device will detect itself and will be allowed be used only in VW mode.
You could also try to take out the atomizer and switch to TC mode in room temperature.
Q: Why the device always show "Device too hot" when I press the fire button?
A: Please let the device cool down for a while.
The higher wattage is, the bigger current will be, then the higher temperature will be, so it will cause more heat.
And you can try to use TCR mode and set the TCR value according to your coil's material.
Material TCR value range
Nickel 600-700
NiFe 300-400
Titanium 300-400
SS(303,304,316,317) 80-200
Our default setting is SS316, TCR value is 120.
If the value is not correct, the device will detect itself and give a wrong judgment and output.
Q: Why the device always show "imbalanced" ?
A: For the imbalanced message, it means the voltage among your 3 batteries are not imbalance. The difference is higher than 0.3V.
Please check your batteries again.
We suggest you to change another 3 high-rate batteries with same parameter.
Q: What if the device cannot turn on after charging?
A: Please try as below:
1. take out the batteries
2. Open the software in the computer
3. Plug on the USB to connect computer
Q: What if the device always show "Check Battery"/"Low Battery"/"Weak Battery"?
A: We suggest you to change another set of batteries first. It is recommended to use high-rate batteries.
Besides, pls. try to take out the batteries and tighten up the screw in the following picture:
RX200-faq   RX200-faq
Q: How can I upgrade my firmware to the newest version?
A: Please have a try as the following:
To download the newest software from our website, then unzip the file, and then plug the USB cable to install and upgrade.
Attention: Pls. choose the version according to your computer's system.
Q: Why the RX200 cannot reach 250W after being updated to the firmware V3.10?
A: In order to ensure the accuracy of output power, the new firmware introduced a mechanism of voltage backward calculation. A little change in calculation occurs due to the round-off of decimal part, but it has no influence in usage. And we will keep improving this new mechanism to give users a better experience.
Q: Why the wattage will go down automatically after upgrading to the firmware V3.10?
A: Here is the formula for your preference: P=U2/R (P: power; U: voltage; R: resistance). The maximum output voltage of RX200 is 9V. According to the formula, if the resistance of the coil you used is a little larger, the output power will not reach 250w.
Q: What if the device cannot turn on after upgrading?
A: Firstly, please take out the cells, pressing the up button and connecting the device through USB cable to the computer. Secondly, you can also change other USB cables or computers for a try.
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